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2011-05-14, 11:20 AM

Download Need.For.Speed-Porsche.Unleashed.v3.5.Enhanced..Online.Addon

Download Need.For.Speed-Porsche.Unleashed.v3.5.Enhanced..Online.Addon Download Need.For.Speed-Porsche.Unleashed.v3.5.Enhanced..Online.Addon

Need For Speed - Porsche Unleashed v3.5 Enhanced + Online Multiplayer Add-on

Drive over 80 different Porsches, from the first 356 Ferdinand to the 2000 911 Turbo over multiple tracks. Some tracks have alternate paths. Others are rally tracks where you go from one end of the track to the other instead of doing circuit racing. The graphics have been enhanced and the physics model changed to reflect a true 4-point system, and you can feel the difference between the different vehicles

Two completely different single-player modes available. First, there's factory driver, which have you join Porsche as a test driver. As you complete different challenges, which can vary from doing specific manoeuvres in pre-alloted time to racing fellow drivers, you will make your way up to Ace Test Driver. Second, there's Evolution, which is the "career mode", you start with enough money to buy one 356, and start racing. As you win races, time will pass, new cars will become available, or you can peruse the used car market. Buy/repair/sell cars, win races, buy enhancement parts for your car, and make your way to the end of the modern era


Over 80 models from 50 amazing years

9 European open road courses & 5 closed tracks

4-point physiks model captures the unique feel of each car

3D cockpits - Advanced in-car view simulates head movement

Mission-based challengesreward you for exceeding the limits

High-Speed thrills with traffic, police and spectacular crashes

Work with over 700 parts of the official Porsche catalog

Buy and sell, upgrade, repair, and mantain your cars


IPLounge v 4.08

an application that allows online multiplayer gaming


install Need For Speed - Porsche Unleashed.exe

(it will prompt for IPLounge install too)

run IPLounge, click Options, User tab, select V4 - Primary on Servers, click Register

type a Personna (username), type a password, type your e-mail and click Register

add Porsche.exe and iploungev4.exe to your firewall exceptions

login in IPLounge using the username and password you registered (V4 - Primary Server!!!! don't forget)

have fun

Note: If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7 you may have to run IPLounge as Administrator (right click on it and Run as Administrator)


if you have any questions you can join and use our forum:

Download Need.For.Speed-Porsche.Unleashed.v3.5.Enhanced..Online.Addon Download Need.For.Speed-Porsche.Unleashed.v3.5.Enhanced..Online.Addon
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