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SEO Booster 1.9.3 WP Plugin

Download SEO Booster 1.9.3 WP Plugin

SEO Booster is a dynamic WordPress SEO plugin. This plugin helps you monitor and discover important aspects about your site and your SEO you never knew before.
Monitor incoming keywords

Track and store the amount of traffic you get from all the major search engines. Know which keywords are bringing traffic to your website and which pages are the most popular.
Monitor traffic from external links

Collect a complete overview of all your back-links Each visit to your website is monitored, and every time a new link to your website is found, it is registered. SEO Booster visits each of these links and filters out the
Monitor 404 errors

404 error results (page is not found error) can happen when you make changes to your code, or if someone makes a mistake linking to your website. 404 errors are bad for SEO, so let SEO Booster 2 monitor your not found pages.
Dynamic Link Widget

Use the included dynamic link widget to put related links on your site with ease. Use the dynamic links to cross-link other posts and pages on your website.
Dynamic Keyword Widget

You can use the included keyword search term widget to show the keywords used to find the current page you are on.
Export keywords and backlinks

Export all details of your keywords and backlinks to a comma separated .csv file, which you can then import into your favorite spreadsheet application.

demo :

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